Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Fun

We've been having lots of fun this summer. The boys are both getting so big and its fun to watch them play together and get to do more stuff with them.
Tanner just went for his 15 month check up. He weighs 22 lb and is 97% for height and 16% for weight. Guess he's going to be tall and skinny just like his brother! Tanner is a little boy and not a baby anymore. He's talking a lot earlier than Treyden did and will say a lot of words like: uh-oh, momma, dad, please, thank you, cheese, up, stuck, bye-bye. He loves fruit snacks and otter pops. He also loves driving his car around outside, and reading books. He follows Treyden everywhere. They have a love/hate relationship.
Treyden has grown up so much this summer! He's finally talking quite a bit, and in sentences. He loves to be outside: building "castles" in the sandbox, riding his bike, pulling things with his rope, and climbing and jumping off of anything he can find. He jumped off the top of his 5 foot jungle gym yesterday, no hesitation. I have a feeling there are stitches in his future. He is observant of everything, and does not forget anything. You can't make empty promises with him.
They are such fun boys, and we have loved doing things with them this summer. Here are a few more recent pictures of the boys.

Tanner - 15 months old

Treyden "helping" husk corn from our garden. He LOVES corn on the cob!

Both boys love to help their dad! They follow him everywhere!

My attempt to take pictures of the two of them together. They were not very copperative.

Treyden - 2 1/2 years old

Enjoying the warm summer days!

4th of July

Yes, this is my two year old rappelling down a cliff with his dad. This has been Andy's new passion this summer. We've done quite a bit of it, and like everything else, Treyden is just like his dad...he LOVES it! He went down an 80 foot cliff the first time, and laughed and smiled the whole time. Mom, on the other hand, was a little nervous watching him down below. (Disclaimer: he does have a full body harness on and always goes tandem with Andy, so no calls to child services please)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Schedule overload...

(St. George in April)

Treyden - 2 yrs 4 months old

Tanner - 1 yr old

I look at this blog and can't believe how long it's been, but then I take a look at our schedule the last few months, and I understand why! Here's a breakdown of SOME of the things we've done over the last few months starting in January.
-Trip to Costa Rica (So, so fun! A couple pictures are at the bottom of this post)
-Trip to Tucson, AZ to visit Andy's sister and family
-Treyden's 2nd birthday
-Plus company two weekends
-Idaho for Kyle & Val's wedding
-Andy takes a rapel course for 2 weekends
-Company for a week
-Company for a weekend
-Camping trip to Goblin Valley
-St. George trip with friends
-Tanner's 1st B-day
-Company 2 weekends
-Camping Trip over Memorial Day
-Andy had scout campout/Company in town
-Camping/Rapelling Trip
When you look at just that list it doesn't look as busy as it was, but consider that we have had company or gone out of town 2-3 weekends every month, plus work, my business, sick kids, other activities, and just the busyness of every day life...the last 8 months have flown by! It has been crazy (and a little stressful at times), but overall a lot of fun!
So much has happened, and we have tons of pictures, but I've gotten to far behind to update it all. Our boys continue to grow, and make us laugh every day. It's been so fun watching them learn and discover new things. We are loving the summertime!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch - October 2009

We went to the pumpkin patch by our house a couple weeks before Halloween. Treyden loved it! There was a kids size wheel barrow that he pushed up and down the rows of pumpkins, tractors he could sit on, and trails through the corn. Not to mention the hundreds of pumpkins. We had a lot of fun and Treyden was excited to bring home a couple pumpkins, too.
(Sorry about all the pictures! I took so many it was hard to narrow them down. These are just a FEW of the ones I took.)

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Treyden was a Utah football player (Go Utes!) and Tanner was a lion. Treyden is old enough now that trick or treating didn't take him long to figure out what was going on, so he just kept moving from one house to the next. Unfortunately he is still too young to understand why he couldn't eat all of his candy right then. Tanner was a trooper. He was sick and didn't feel good, but I think he liked being all snuggled up in his costume, because he didn't fuss at all, and fell asleep in the stroller partway through. It's so fun to have Treyden getting old enough that we can do stuff like this with him. Thanks to those who invited us to Halloween parties. Too bad the sick kids kept us from coming!

(I have given up on getting caught up on the blog, so I decided to just start from now. There might be future posts that are old, or out of order, but if I keep waiting I'll never get caught up!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today is a very important day...

Can anyone guess why?

It's because this little boy...

who we love dearly...

is 18 months old today!

That is not an age that is normally celebrated by most people, but we are!! Nursery here we come!! This little boy has a ton of energy and we get such a kick out of him, but trying to handle both him and his baby brother for 3 hours of church has gotten old very quickly. We have waited for this day for a long time! We love ya little guy, but...have fun in nursery! :)

(It's been a crazy summer, so I'll try to get caught up on the last couple months soon!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tanner's Blessing

We blessed Tanner on June 7th. Andy gave him a very special blessing. It was so neat for me to get to see so many of the men in our families up in the circle. I was pretty overwhelmed with what great examples my two boys will have of righteous priesthood holders. I'm so thankful for our families, and espcially for these two little boys!

(Andy changed out of his suit too fast, so he was the photographer and got out of being in the pictures!)